Weekend in Prague

beautiful view over prague

streets of prague

As I updated you on last time I posted, I spent my weekend in Prague. Thanks to my friend who was the driver, we got there from Berlin in less than 3,5 hours, and we arrived to our beautiful AirBnB apartment in central Prague. We arrived pretty late Friday night we just went out for a very late dinner, and as appropriate we had Czech food – gulasch, potato/bread dumplings and lots of meat + a a dark beer to accompany the food.

me in prague

great breakfast at cafe savoy in prague

We started off Saturday with a very big breakfast at Café Savoy. Neither of my friends had been to Prague before, so I decided I wanted to take them to see my favorite sides of Prague – the tour my grandfather always took me and my brother on. We spent some of Saturday doing that – a hike up the steep hill to enjoy the stunning view over the fairytale looking city, then to see the Strahov Monastery, the Prague Castle and Cathedral, then a walk back – this time downhill through the adorable little cobblestone streets and finalizing it off with a walk over the somewhat hyped bridge The Charles Bridge.

taking picture of prague

friends in prague

Saturday night we had an absolutely amazing dinner at George Steakhouse, and we each felt like we were dying from having eaten too much afterwards.

Sunday surprised us with being very cold and very windy with 13 degrees… We made the best of it and spent several hours in a cute café with hot drinks.

sun in prague

prague cathedral

It was good being back in Prague, but it also really made me miss my friends and the good old high school times with no worries and endless fun having and partying! Someone stop the time please, or take me back?! 😉

amazing prague view

I am now back to Berlin and to my knowledge, Winter is officially here, and I am officially hit by its first cold. Running nose, sore throat and endless sneezing, I definitely have not missed you! This weekend we are going to the Lolaa Palooza festival in Berlin, so I am crossing my fingers for better weather till that time.


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