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I wish I could share this with the whole world, including my dear friends and followers from Copenhagen, but for now the German folk is the lucky target that I have an awesome, exclusive opportunity for today. (Picture from an amazing yoga studio in Berlin I went to!)

The concept is called Urban Sports Club, and they kind of work as the gym of your dreams. The gym you have always been dreaming of. Their concept is einfach – simple and straight to the point but with endless opportunities. “Entdecke Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Fitness, Wellness, Tanzen und Kampfsport unbegrenzt in den besten Studios Berlins mit 1 Karte.”  A simple description of what Urban Sports Club does and offers is: discover yoga, meditation, pilates, fitness, wellness, dance, boxing, crossfit and martial arts unlimited in Berlin’s best studios with one card. That means that one membership opens the door to more than 500 different work out studios all over Germany.

I have always been dreaming about this concept but I did not think that it was possible nor existed, so for the past years I have been limited to being a member of one gym only, because paying a membership at both a yoga studio, a fitness gym and a dance studio would simply set me back to much and bust my budget completely. When I was younger, I danced several times a week. Then I went to the States for two months and here I tried out yoga, and I loved it. Then I came back to Denmark and figured that an original gym membership would work for me, but it still limited me to only going to the gym and not doing real dance school classes or real yoga studio classes.

This is the reason why Urban Sports Club is a genius concept. It allows people to try out 100 of different arts of working out without paying horrendous amounts of money for several different memberships.

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Why Urban Sports Club is amazing

♥ I should mention one of the best parts first because it is the most interesting part! Most gyms in Germany make it hard for members to join because they have a year contract, and not many people know if they actually want to be a member for a whole year. Urban Sports Club eliminates these contractual membership issues by allowing people to join whenever they want, and to end their membership whenever they want. An example is if you are going on vacation for a couple of weeks, you simply pause your membership, and of course you don’t pay when the membership is paused.

♥ Urban Sports Club also offers spa, sauna, wellness, massages, nutrition offers, and workout classes.

Urban Sports Club makes it easy to stay fit and healthy, and we all know that working out is good for us, right?

♥ It allows busy people to work out whenever it fits in their personal schedule because Urban Sports Club and their affiliated studios offer hundreds of workouts at every time a day every day a week.

♥ Members can try out hundreds of different workout types and see what fits them best.

♥ Members can mix up their workout instead of always doing the same classes.

♥ Members can work out in every part of the city and are not restricted to working out in one gym only.

♥ There is a clever schedule that lets members overview the available daily workouts and they can refine their search by adding criteria such as what part of the city, when, and what kind of work out they want to do.

♥ Urban Sports Club encourages people to get out of their comfort zone and try different and new things.

♥ There is no limitation to how many times a month members can work out. If you feel like working out five times a day – feel free!

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