Monthly recap – September 2015

With September coming to an end I figured it would be nice to start a new post series on the blog. A monthly recap on what’s been going on here on the blog, what I’ve been posting and what I have been doing in real life.


Some of the posts on blog in September: 

I started a new series where I give advice and tips or make lists consisting of different “10 things“, which has definitely influenced Silverstories this month. Even my grandfather noticed and pointed it out saying “I see Caroline has a new style of blogging now. Everything is in numbers”. Well, for me, the lists are pretty fun to write and people seem to enjoy them!

10 best burgers in Berlin

♥ Life advice: 10 tips for easier mornings // 10 things to remember if you are having a bad day // shared my favorite Asos autumn clothes // 10 things you have to do in the autumn // 12 tips that will make you a more successful blogger // For Germans: The best fitness concept in town

♥ Personal: I went to the amazing Yayoi Kusama art exhibition // Shot an outfit post in Berlin // wore a flower crown at LolaPalooza festival // Getting my jokes master on with weird things Instragramers do // a love declaration to Berlin with 10 things I love about prom dress // photos from my weekend spent in Prague //

♥ Traveling: Best pizzas in Copenhagen // 10 best burgers in Berlin // 13 things you have to try on your trip to Prague // Neue Heimat street food in Berlin (closed now) // Nomad Coffee Cafe in Barcelona // Bite Club street food Berlin

And on the personal, real life plan?

First of all… Where did September go? I talked to several friends about it, and we all looked at each other wondering what has happened to this month. It is like it came, it happened, and before even knowing it, it is over. September has been a good month and I have spend a lot of time in Berlin, especially compared to the past months. It’s been nice being back for a longer time, and I also got the pleasure of going back to Copenhagen for a whole week. I spent time with my family, hung out with friends, and enjoyed my hometown. What I have also spent a great amount of time doing is thinking a lot. I don’t know if it’s because of the forthcoming Winter that it seems like I am having a lot of extra, melancholic thoughts in my head, or if it is just how it is when you are a 20-something-year-old mess. And that I definitely am! I am happy, I am sad, I am content, I want more, all along I am trying to figure life out. I am sure you all know this feeling, and also know that it is quit exhausting.

I’ve been trying to get my mind off the thoughts a little bit by getting back to a good work out routine with my new Somuchmore membership that allows me to do as many and as different work outs as I like. This month I tried yin yoga, crossfit (which made me so sore that I didn’t do anything for six days), hatha yoga, house dance and body combat. Remember you can get 25% off three months of membership with code WW1SSTORIES. I can really tell that I haven’t been very good to my body the past months when it comes to working out and that is why my body has been extremely sore after each workout. Besides from that it feels really good to be back at it, working out on a regularly basis. I want to try to keep working out from three at the minimum and six at the highest times a week! Basically because working out is fun (if you choose the right workouts), and because it makes me feel so good!

Yellow art pumpkins

What’s in store for October?

I think October will be an eventful month. The month is starting off by my boyfriend having a weekend full of partying at his new bar in the most beautiful building in Wedding, Berlin. So Berliners! Join us this weekend at Black Jesus pop up bar. Then next comes my birthday. Yep, growing old over here. On Tuesday the 6th my twin brother and I, whom I for the second time in my life won’t spend my birthday will, are turning 21.Therefore I have some more life-style-advice posts coming up with things I have learned in 20 years on this earth and things I am proud of having achieved. Furthermore I am writing on a guide post on Barcelona and Lisbon. I visited Lisbon back in April, and I never got around to write a travel guide on the city, shame on me! So hopefully I will get to it this month, because Lisbon was truly a wonderful city that deserves a lot of attention. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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