My 21st Birthday

Rosenthaler Platz

Rosenthaler Platz Ubahn

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Pancakes hip breakfast Distrikt Coffee

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Missoni knit

I går havde jeg fødselsdag, og selvom jeg ikke havde planlagt noget vildt for dagen, endte jeg alligevel med at have en skøn dag fyldt med overraskelser, god mad og godt selskab! Læs mere i den engelske udgave nedenunder 🙂

Colorful macaroons

Girlie Birthday Surprise

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English: Yesterday was my birthday and while I didn’t plan much for the day, it ended up being amazing anyway! I began the day with breakfast at Distrikt Coffee in Mitte. It was delicious! Fat, American pancakes with berries, syrup, butter, cream, and granola, fresh juices, and avocado and beets on toast. Yum! Then my boyfriend took me to get my nails done which was long overdue, as I have been walking around with bad shellac on for the past weeks. I chose the most Barbie pink color of them all, and now my nails look good again 😉 Then I took the train from Mitte to Friedrichshain to meet a friend at a cafe for a cup of coffee and we had a good time for a couple of hours. I then walked home, and as I got in the door, my boyfriend blindfolded me for one, great surprise. He led me to the livingroom and when I was finally allowed to look, I saw a big plate full of colorful macaroons, lit candles everywhere, pink balloons and a present also wrapped in pink paper. Someone knows my love for pink! It was such a great surprise, I am definitely the kind of person that enjoys surprises. We indulged in macaroons, (or I did, my boyfriend doesn’t even like them…) and all though I really like macaroons, I was not able to eat all 21 of them…

My boyfriend had made dinner reservations for Katz Orange, a popular restaurant also located in Mitte, so at night time we went there. Neither of us had been before, but when we were first seated at the bar for cocktails while they were getting our table ready, we instantly liked the place. It was one of those places where the decor is so cool and everywhere you see there is something interesting to look at! The food was amazing too – we had a couple of different starters to share – burrata, ceviche and spareribs and for the main course we shared some side salads, fries and the best lamb and pork belly ever. My boyfriend wasn’t all done with the surprises, so after dinner the waiter came with a plate of four little cakes, a lit candle on it and the whole restaurant started singing me happy birthday! Best birthday ever full of surprises 🙂


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