11 things I am proud and happy to have accomplished with 20 years

11 things I am proud to have accomplished with 20 years

So as I wrote the day before my birthday this Tuesday when I turned 21, I said I was going to make a few posts about being 20 years. I already did: Things I’ve learned with 20 – a whole list of bigger or smaller lessons I’ve learned in my life, and now today this posts: 11 things I am proud and happy to have accomplished with 20 years. A little pompous, but sometimes people should really spend some time thinking about themselves, what they’ve accomplished in life, what they want to accomplish in the future, and actually take some time to be happy and proud of oneself. It is okay! Especially on a day like today, where I am really having a bad one, it may help to feel a little better. So here are my:

11 things I am proud and happy to have accomplished with 20 years

1. Moving to Berlin on my own when I was 18 and having stuck it out for more than two years by now.

2. Landed two cool jobs that I wasn’t even qualified for – a job at a fashion agency and working as the Danish country manager for a German company.

3. Writing a book that will hopefully be published.

4. Having traveled to most of the world.

5. Gotten to know myself very well.

6. Having an Instagram profile and a blog with a great following and working hard every day to obtain success with my projects.

7. Speaking pretty good German which was one of my goals before I moved to Berlin.

8. Living intentionally.

9. Making my own, smart and mature choices…. Like eating out every day so I don’t have to learn how to cook 😉

10. Made an active choice to always do something about dreams and go after my them, and always striving to fulfill my ideas, hope, goals and dreams.

11. Been featured and published in several medias.






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