Family Weekend in Berlin

Due to autumn holiday in Denmark, I have had loads of guests visiting me in Berlin the past week which caused me to not be so active on the blog the last few days. First some friends visited, and then my parents came and we had some lovely days in Berlin. Here are some iPhone snapshots from the weekend in Berlin.

We took a drive to Müggelsee.

Had breakfast at one of my favorite spots close to my apartment – Shakespeare and Son’s. A combined workplace, bookstore and cafe that also serves the best bagels in town. Don’t they look delicious?

Flowers from the Boxhagener Platz local food market that I visit almost every Saturday.

Meetings, matcha latte and the cutest latte art from the magical cafe House of Small Wonder.

And the obligatory photo from the likewise magical staircase at the entrance of House of Small Wonder.

Fall has really hit Berlin! It is cold, rainy, and grey, but the leaves are beautiful!

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