Outfit and Update – when it was Summer in Berlin

the barn coffee summer berlin summer outfit in berlin silverstories Silverstories berlin summer outfit caroline sølver summer outfit Berlin summer outfit

At the moment I have tons of different projects going on, and by tons I really literally mean tons. It is making me a bit stressed but most of the projects are luckily fun and good one and hopefully I will soon be on top of all the work I have to do. One of my tasks, or actually more of a procrastination task I have been doing this week has been to clean out my iPhone camera roll, which currently has more than a 1000 pretty unseen and unused photos on it. An example is these outfit photos that were actually taken back in May on a lovely warm Berlin Summer day. One of my best friends from Copenhagen was visiting, we had ice coffee at The Barn in Mitte, and then afterwards we took a little walk around the beautiful streets nearby and she took these photos of me. Right now I am trying to convince her to come back and visit me as soon as possible, and hopefully she is easy to win over so I will get to see her soon!

I think some of the coming posts on Silverstories the next weeks will have something to do with my unorganized iPhone camera roll – I will clean out the photos and use all the unseen ones and create blog posts with them – something about places in New York City, brunch in Copenhagen, and traveling in Spain.

Besides from all the different projects I have going on, everything is good. I am in a very bad sleeping rhythm, and I actually tried to overcome it this morning, and it almost worked. I set five alarms, got up and dragged myself to a morning yoga class (not even that early, it started at 9.30 am…which reveals that I am NOT a morning person) I got there and I was so proud of myself and I thought “great, tonight I can finally fall asleep a little earlier and that way wake up by myself earlier). That thought only lasted till I got home went to bed to chill for a couple of minutes which fast led me to… fall asleep again. And sleep till 1 pm. So much for forcing myself to get up early to do morning yoga. And now I am back where I started. Wide awake in the middle of the night with a boyfriend snorring very loud next to me. At least I have a semi early coffee date with a friend tomorrow morning. Maybe that will work and that way I can get my sleeping schedule back in order. Just a little bit. Speaking of yoga, I am also preparing a post on the workouts I have been doing lately, how it has been going, my progress and my thought on it, so stay tuned!


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