Best Yoga Studios in Berlin

As you may, or may not know, I have worked out (or tried) to work out on a regular basis the past month. I got my Somuchmore membership which meant unlimited workouts in hundreds of Berlin workout studios and endless possibilites to do all kinds of workouts such as yoga, cross fit, dancing and fitness. I have been interested in trying out yoga for a long time, and decided that now was the time to really get in to it and see if it was actually something for me. A month has passed and I have been to about nine different yoga classes, and all though I must admit it bores me a little bit sometimes, I have also found out what positive effects and pros yoga includes. I have also witnessed how fast the body adapts and learns and how fast it is possible to feel a difference AND to get more fit and flexible, which I definitely am after just a month of yoga. I can already touch the ground with flat palms and reach my toes when sitting down, which is quite an accomplishment after just a few yoga lessons!

In combination with my Somuchmore membership that I am really a fan of, I took it upon myself to try out many different yoga studios and today I will share with you my favorite, the best yoga studios in Berlin. Remember you can also sign up for a Somuchmore and try out more than 250 different workout studios all over Berlin. Geet 25% off three months of membership with code: WW1SSTORIES. 

Best Yoga Studios in Berlin

Somuchmore yoga studio in Berlin yoga für dich

Where: Frankfurter Allee 53, 10247 Berlin
What yoga do they offer: pilates, yin, hatha, flow, pränatal.

The first thing Yogafürdich (yoga for you in German) did for me, was to get me thinking that I wanted to move in immediately. Yogafürdich is located in one of those amazing New Yorker looking lofts with big industrial windows, high ceilings and brick stone walls that we all dream of turning into an apartment and moving in to. Well, as this was not possible, I went back to reality and did a yoga class here. It was a yin yoga class, which is a very calm, slow and relaxing form of yoga which really lets participants get stretched out throughout few, simple poses that are kept for a longer time each. It was a little class which meant that the teacher really had time to be there for the participants, guide us and correct and help us with the different poses.

Lotos Yoga yoga studions Berlin

Lotos Yoga
Where: Mainzer Straße 21, 10247 Berlin
What yoga do they offer: flow, ashtanga, hatha, back yoga, kids yoga, kundalini, english yoga, yin.

As soon as you enter the apartment in which Lotos Yoga is situated in, the smell of incense is defeaning, but well, it goes pretty good with the atmosphere and the yoga mindset. The yoga instructors at Lotos Yoga are extremely competent, and a class here literally feels like being an extra on the set of Eat, Pray, Love when they are in India on a weeklong yoga course. Depending on what kind of class one is partaking in, the instructor might play on a harmonium or even sing beautiful yoga hymns which allows participants to really feel the effects of yoga and almost sink into a complete meditation state. In general Lotos Yoga feels very authentic, and another pro of this place is all the different classes Lotos Yoga has to offer.

Yogibar yoga studios Berlin

Where: Boxhagener Straße 31, 10245 Berlin
What yoga do they offer: morning yoga, hatha, pregnancy yoga, kundalini, yoga for moms, meditation, deep relax, night yoga.

The first impression Yogibar gives was having me asking myself if I was at the right place, because this place literally looks like a hip coffee bar with a long communal table in the middle, metro tiles on the wall, plants everywhere, coffee, tea and snacks on the table and, of course, fresh flowers. None the less, is Yogibar not a cafe, but a really well decorated yoga studio, and the women who work here all radiates beautiful, strong women who have their stuff together – aka the kind of instructor you want to guide you. Besides from that, Yogibar offers morning yoga and night yoga consistently throughout the weekdays – at the same time each day of the week, which is a perfect opportunity to either start your day here with nice morning yoga or to say good night with night yoga.

Besides: All yoga studios above offer complimentary water, tea and snacks, and even spiritual guidance and mindfullness with the instructors guiding participants to be present in the now and here and to get rid of bad thoughts, which is just another reason to get started to do some yoga!


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