Reality check

It seems like the hottest ever subject lately has been to focus extremely much on how Instagram, other social media and blogs aren’t showing the real life. Of course, I have my days where I scroll through my Instagram feed and am left to wonder “how do they do this, stay skinny, look amazing, have three meter long hair, do they even work?”, but then I look at my own Instagram feed and discover that I am kind of doing the same myself – showing only the smallest fractions of my life. The ones that I carefully chose, the ones that look the prettiest, the ones that are carefully crafted to show something pretty or nearly perfect, such as the perfect coffee I am drinking in the perfect cafe. Already before this Australian Insta-girl started a whole wave of hate against social media, which from my point of view is understandable, but yet, along the way, can also partly be blamed on herself, I wrote this article describing the truth about the good life without filter.

I am a blogger and an Instagrammer, and I love both medias (well, most of the time!), but I know that Instagram doesn’t depict real life. First of all, it is not normal to stand on a chair before eating your dinner if it wasn’t to capture the perfect moment from the perfect angle for Instagram.

From my point of view, we all have to remember that most of what we see online isn’t real life. It is all small captions taken from a whole day of 24 hours, and most of it is edited in any way possible.

Today I am having a bad day, and in order to turn it around a little bit, I figured I would check in with you to do a little reality check. I have already read this 10  things to do if you are having a bad day, which helped, and another trick when having a bad day is to say or write your problems and issues out loud. A simple reality check and all of a sudden, the problems might not seem that big or serious any longer. Also, this way I am a living proof that my life definitely isn’t perfect. And whose life is, anyway?

♥ I have no energy to write this post in both Danish and English…… Maybe that will change when I post it, but as for now, it will remain in English only.

♥ I started an online event manager course study, and somehow I missed the three first days of tasks, which means I now have to read 200 pages and do tons of homework in one day.

♥ I have more than 30 tabs open on three different Google windows. Stress. At least my mail inbox is under control. Good for me!

♥ I can really sense the winter and darkness are back knocking on my door while holding hands with the good old friend named winter depression. I think, I in average sleep 9 hours per night and have the hardest time ever getting out of bed, and the whole fact that it know gets dark around 3.30 is just plain horrible. On the worst days it doesn’t really get light at all.

♥ I am so behind on everything that goes under the name of blogging. I am not doing anything interesting at the moment, so I have absolutely no photos of beautiful coffee or brunch to put on Instagram. I a not wearing any inspirational outfits, so I have nothing to show you on the outfit post front. I am not traveling, so I can’t show you any travel photos or write fresh guides. Hard knock life.

♥ I am already stressing out because of me going away to Thailand for two weeks soon (Duuuh, please take a moment to realize how lucky you are, Caroline!). “How will the wifi be? Do I have time to blog? Shit. Should I prepare two weeks of content for the blog? Shit. Will I have any readers left when I get back?”.

♥ Somehow the wifi in my apartment decided to stop working from one day to another. It’s always been working perfectly fine, but now, the same moment as I start an online study, I have to blog and so much other stuff, my wifi starts acting up. Let’s talk about bad timing?

♥ I haven’t seen the gym, or the gym hasn’t seen me, or how ever you want to put it. Short: I haven’t been at the gym for two weeks. In my defense, I have been working a lot and I also spent five days in Copenhagen, but I am always a firm believer in that people make time for what they want to make time for. Short version: If you really want to go to the gym, you make time for it. And I haven’t done that. On the bright side, you can still go to the gym, and you can even get 25% off three months of membership with Somuchmore in Germany using code: WW1SSTORIES.

♥ I am hungry, and I can’t even make a decision about what to eat.#Firstworldproblems…

Okay, I think I have babbled enough about stupid issues for now. I hope they worked in the favor of making you feel better or at least not alone, if you are also, right now, laying in bed, and everything (literally) seems a little dark. Time for me to move on, get on top of some of the school work I am missing, blog some more, and eventually I will hopefully now what to eat for dinner today!


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