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Mash Penthouse copenhagen

Mash Penthouse in Copenhagen

Photo from Mash – Two weeks ago when I was in Copenhagen, I was lucky enough to go with my parents to the recently opened Mash penthouse in Tivoli Hotels in Copenhagen with my parents. For the uninitiated, Mash is a restaurant chain with a few restaurants spread over Copenhagen. This was my second time visiting a Mash restaurant, and the first time I had dinner at one, was around four years ago with an ex boyfriend. We had kind of broken up but we still had this family function dinner to go to at Mash (and for the record, who says no to a dinner at Mash? Then fuck it, if things aren’t going well with the bf, lol!). Enough about that story!

Mash serves steak and lots of it, aaaand they also have the ever fabled kobe steak! Yes, the steak from Kobe in Japan where the cattles are massaged and given beer to drink on a daily basis. Mash has just added a new location to their chain of restaurants, and in my opinion, this must be their best location yet! On the 12th floor on top of Tivoli Hotels in the center of Copenhagen, Mash Penthouse gives the guests an amazing view of the city from above and they even have a huge terrasse which, I am sure, is going to be very popular as soon as the weather isn’t giving is minus degrees any longer.

Skærmbillede 2015-12-04 kl. 00.01.19

The very friendly and down to earth manager Martin gave us a great night and we got to taste all the best stuff the menu has to offer, which is actually quite a lot, meaning if you aren’t the biggest fan of steaks, Mash also serves burgers, a lot of appetizers and fish.

We started off with a very Italian inspired selection of appetizers including carpaccio with parmesan cheese and grated truffle on the top, scallops with fried chicken skin, and liguino pasta with grilled shrimps all topped of with a glass of white wine from North Italy. Needless to say it was amazing.

After eating, enjoying the view some more and drinking some more delightful wine, time was up for the second round – time for steak. My parents and I agreed to share to try some more, and we were served a piece of round cut kobe beef which consisted of 50% fat, a Danish three month dried steak and an American Angus rib eye steak together with a lot of side orders – bernaise sauce, peber sauce, tomato salad, fries, salad and corn. After consuming all of this food we were about to burst and we had to turn down the dessert offer, but I am sure it would have been good. I’ve heard that Mash also does a great weekend brunch and next time I am in Copenhagen I definitely want to try that out! After finishing here, my parents drove me to the airport and I flew back to Berlin. At home my boyfriend was waiting, sulking, after seeing my photo from the dinner on Instagram. He looooves steak more than anyone I know, and I promised him we’d try it next time he is in Copenhagen.

Mash Penthouse
Arni Magnussons Gade 4, 1577 Copenhagen



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