A week of my life – part 2

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As I wrote in part 1 here, I don’t have much time to sit down and blog about actual interesting things at the moment, but what I can do is giving a little run through of what I have been up to. Besides, I still miss you dear readers!!!! Please come back <3 Hope you are all doing good and that you are ready and excited for the holidays! I am! The count down has oficially begun and in four days I am sitting on a plane headed towards Bangkok, Thailand. Well, in my first post here you can read what I was up to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and now the time is up for the rest of the week: A week of my life!

Friday: My parents arrived late at night from Copenhagen and after kisses and hugs we went back to bed. Friday morning we got up (half way late, a mutual love for sleeping in runs in the family…) We had breakfast at my all time favorite bagel place and book store right around the corner Shakespeare and Sons. After that we took a walk all the way to Mitte along Karl-Marx-Allee to do some shopping. We ended up at a Christmas market and after enjoying a little too many glühweins (mulled hot wine), we headed back to my neighborhood to be in time for happy hour at my local bar where we met up with my boyfriend to have mojitos. After a few drinks we all agreed on having Italian food for dinner and we went to another favorite places of mine, Vira. Everything is good there, pizza, pasta, appetizers, wine… We had a great dinner and went back to the apartment to sleep. Somehow we were all busted. I think it is the cold, the darkness, just the wintertime in general, which makes me even more excited about Thailand!

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Saturday: After waking up and drinking coffee, I forced (lol) my parents to do my economy homework for school. Great parents I have! Let’s just say, math and numbers were never my fortes. After too many numbers and economy work to anyones liking, we left the apartment to go to the weekend market also in my neighborhood. We grabbed some breakfast and coffee and walked around the market square, and said yes please to all the yummy tastings we were given ;). We took the car to the other part of the city to see what was going on there and because of crazy Christmas gift shopping traffic was a mess and it took us about 45 minutes to get there by car. We went to Bikini Berlin, the concept mall which is always nice to visit, and by mistake we ended up in the middle of a madness Christmas market which was more than packed and it was on the verge to horrible. We managed to find a spot to chill for a bit with Christmas cakes and a glass of glühwein before we made it back out to the crowd of people. After another 45 minutes we made it back to Friedrichshain and met up with my boyfriend to have dinner at a Thai restaurant.

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Sunday: Sunday was freeeezing cold and we were all in that classic Sunday mood where you would most of all just prefer to stay under your blanket and binge watch a TV-show the whole day. Which is almost what we did. My mom picked up croissants, granola and coffee and we had a candle light breakfast in the apartment which was so cozy. My parents talked about how nice it is that they have now been to Berlin countless times so they don’t have to stress about going out and seeing things, they can just chill in my apartment if they want to. We had a nice, cozy morning, until we decided to leave the apartment to get out and do at least a little bit. We took a long walk, had Indian street food, before it got so cold that we had to seek shelter in a warm, cozy cafe (our all time favorite Freischwimmer right on the water). We made it back to the apartment, put on a Woody Allen movie on our projector and watched it all four covered in a mountain of pillows, duvets and blankets, alternately taking a nap and it was just great. Then my parents had to leave to drive back home to Copenhagen, but luckily our parting wasn’t as sorrowfull as usually, since there is only four days till I see them again! <3 Thanks for a great weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend too <3


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