A day off and exciting news!

Det bliver en kort udgave på dansk i dag – læs mere i den engelske oversættelse <3
Jeg har spændende nyheder i dag! Gæt hvad der gemmer sig i kassen på det første billede i dette indlæg?! Yep. Hvis I kan huske, at jeg tilbage i november teasede om, at jeg udgiver en bog, så er det endelig ved at være en realitet, og jeg kan ikke få armene ned!!!! Der går lige lidt tid til, at jeg helt kan løfte sløret for bogen, men jeg er helt enormt spændt og glad, og det håber jeg også, at I er <3

ENGLISH: Oh, how I just love to have a day off in the weekdays. It is like a little break to get things done that aren’t weekend things. The weekend is like sacret space for doing nice things, but I tend to be a little more productive if I am on on a weekday, and productivity is much necessary for me at the moment – I am still working hard on my application for university, and it is literally pushing me over the edge. Today I tried to look at it on the bright side, but still to get as much done as possible, and hopefully I will be done very soon, so I can focus on some other things that are going on right now that are also very exciting — speaking of – you see that first picture in this post?! A package? Well, guess what is hiding in that package? Exciting news! Very exciting news, actually 😉 Remember back in November when I revealed that I was publishing a book? Yep. It is finally coming true, and in this package that I received this morning was the first edition of my book, and it is damn exciting! It is a much longer process than I would have ever expected, so unfortunately this is not the post where I can tell you that it is finally done, settled, ready and over, but it is not far from it either! I am counting days now till the book is finally completely finished. Writing and publishing a book has been a long and bumpy ride, but what an experience! More about that later 😉

Besides working on my application and the book, my boyfriend and I biked to Neukölln to get some quality time together, which of course is my favorite time in the world <3 We went to the recently opened Danish bakery named The Bread Station, had cake and bread, naturally, and it was delicious. Then we went to the Turkish Market, bought tons of vegetables and fruit (eight mangos for five euros!!!!), went home and continued this application mess, started cooking the whole fish that my boyfriend got and then I went to the hairdresser, which was much needed. When I got back from the hairdresser, food was ready, my friend was over, and we ate the fish and shared a bottle of wine and had a good night. Now it is pass my bedtime and I will go straight to bed after finishing this post – I am trying to force myself to do morning yoga tomorrow morning before going to work – I have a challenge to keep up with, remember? 😉


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    • Caroline
      24. February 2016 / 12:09

      Thank you so much Jasmine! I am so excited too! <3