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It’s been a few weeks since I was in London, but I still have a few post stories I haven’t gotten around to share on the blog yet. One of them is my Monday experience at the K West Hotel located in Shepherd’s Bush close to Kensington, where we also stayed. Such a cool hotel, and what is even cooler is that this hotel used to be a recording studio and big music stars were recorded here in the past. 

On our second last day of our stay in London, my boyfriend and I were invited to try out K West’s award winning spa and then ending of the spa experience with a round of Glam Rock Tea in the hotel restaurant. 

So let me begin with talking about the spa – first of all. It is award winning! Oh, I mentioned that already. It is great. It is different. The K Spa has a huge jacuzzi. It has a sauna. It has a steaming room. It has a sun room where you get all the benefits of the sun. But best of it all was the Snow Paradise. A room chilled down to -15 degrees celcius and with actual ice and show inside. Obviously, it was so much fun to go from the sauna to the Snow Paradise, but apparently it is good for you too as the sudden and extreme temperature changes stimulates the body circulation and it is also good for your immune system. We all know that London is a high paced and at times stressful city, so spending a few hours at the K spa was a perfect way to wind down and just enjoy life and each other after a few days full of plans and sightseeing in London. 

Tea time in London

K West hotel London

K West Glam Rock TEa

Best hotel London
(I was invited by the K West Hotel to review the spa and the Glam Rock Tea)

We chilled and had fun in the spa for some hours, and after that it was time for a sugar overdose indulging in a order of the Glam Rock Tea at the hotel restaurant named Studio Kitchen. And I mean… just look at the pictures I took from there. I told my boyfriend that had I been eight years old, I would have been in heaven, but either way being 21 I was still in heaven. This was a tea-dream! The color of the shiny tea cups, the food, the cakes, the pastries, the macaroons… So yummy. We ate, and ate and ate until we couldn’t eat no more, and then we ate what was left. It was all so yummy. The Glam Rock Tea included sliders – one with beef and one with halloumi, sandwiches with salmon, pastrami, and roasted pebers on the savory side. On the sweet side we had scones, a nutella burger, macaroons, chocolate pops, banana cake, and last but not least, a fried Twix chocolate hotdog with passion fruit sauce. Needless to say, it was amazing, although we kind of overdosed on sugar and we were very full afterwards. Many thanks to the K West hotel for inviting me! I am still dreaming about the Glam Rock Tea and will definitely go back next time I am around London. 


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