Wishlist for Christmas


1. T shirt from Opening Ceremony 2. Shirt from Weekday 3. Sweatshirt from Acne 4. Pants from Mango 5. Scarf from Maché 6. Bracelet from Sabrina Dehoff

Some might say that it is a little late posting a on wishlist December 18, but my Christmas mood came late this year. I must say I miss being a kid where the 24 days of Christmas were the best of the whole year, and then finally came Christmas night, the day that had seemed like it would never be, and the space under the tree was filled with tons of wrapped gifts containing Barbie dolls, Lego houses and baby dolls. Oh, the times…




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1 Comment

  1. Olivia
    18. december 2014 / 19:04

    COC! Had no idea you blogged! this is so great – I love it already! xx prenzlberg