12 days of Christmas pt. 2

Monday I spent with several hours of working. After work I headed to get the last Christmas gifts, and of course I wasn’t the only one running around town to find the last minute presents… The night I packed my carry on suit case (thank you EasyJet for only allowing me to bring one bag!) I am gone for around 9 days and I had to pack for both Christmas eve, different Christmas parties and New Years Eve. Let me just say that all my stuff doesn’t fit in ONE carry on luggage. It’s gonna be exciting to see if I have enough clothes to wear for the next couple of days…


Tuesday the last day at the office was filled with a lot of excitement and less work… Tuesday night I finally arrived at Copenhagen Airport and my favorite family was there to pick me up. We spent the night wrapping up the last presents and making Danish Christmas sweets and candy.


Wednesday started off with breakfast in my friends new apartment. I haven’t see her in a long time so it took us a couple of hours to catch up and talk about everything that happened for us the past months. The night was spent at my grandfathers house with my whole family. We had an amazing night with too much food, extreme amounts of presents and good mood.



Thursday I slept very long. It’s the first day in a very long time where I didn’t have to get up to do anything and it felt more than amazing sleeping in. Later I met up with some old friends that I’ve known since I was eight years old and I am so grateful that we are still staying in touch so many years later.

I hope that you are all enjoying your Christmas days!


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