Three days in Marrakech

anotherguyabroad In the end of November 2014 I was lucky to go to Marrakech for a couple of days and I completely fell in love with the city. It is amazing that you can leave Europe in four degrees, just fly for four hours, and you get out of the plane, it is 20 degrees and you are in a completely different world. The weather is different, the people look different, the food tastes different and the buildings look different.

Three full days were not enough to see everything I wanted to see, but it was a perfect first trip to Marrakech and it gave me a good taste of the city and now I am even more excited to go back sometime soon.

Mini guide to Marrakech

♥ Eat a lot of lamb, chicken and beef skewers with vegetables, tagine, Moroccan appetizers and drink fresh juice and mint tea. These restaurants were great:

♥ Café de la Poste (a more fancy, international restaurant that still shows the traditional Moroccan style. If you are tired of eating too much meat skewers, this place’s menu card also contains dishes like pasta and salad)

♥ Café Arabe

♥ Al Fassia


♥ Dar Moha (a hidden gem – through a little door you get in to the most beautiful garden with a pool and tables surrounding it. Enjoy an amazing dinner or lunch in this lavish, quiet garden)


♥ Visit:

♥ Jardin Majorelle – the Yves Saint Laurent garden. A beautiful garden with palm trees, flowers and cactuses. It is a perfect little tourist attraction and you spend around an hour walking around. Treat yourself to a cup of tea or a little meal in the idyllic café that is located in the middle of the garden.


♥ The square in old town (Djemaa el-Fnaa) – The square in the Medina is the central spot of the old town and here you will see snake charmers, belly dancers, African people looking for work, and tourists that are amazed by everything that is going on around them. It is in a place like this you really feel that you are not in Europe anymore.

♥ The souk – In the souk, that is Iocated close to the square you can find everything from handmade leather bags, spices, Moroccan argan oil, Moroccan eyeliner, scarves and beautiful, handmade rugs.

Picture from Tumblr: Queenofmorocco

♥ Palace of Dar Menehbhi – A stunning palace builded in the 19th century. Take a walk through the rooms, atriums and gardens decorated with exquisite mosaics, colors and tiles.

♥ Trip to the Atlas Mountain – We spent half a day visiting the Atlas Mountain, which was a great experience. We hiked, walked, saw a full rainbow, visited a Berber village and had a very authentic Moroccan meal in a obscure little restaurant.



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