Blog recommendation // Anine Bing


Until recently I thought that the woman who had and could it all was a myth. Then I watched this video (in Danish) where Anine shows off her Chanel collection. Yes, the woman has a Chanel collection. I was hooked. Five minutes later Anine’s blog was added to my blog roll, and I spent the next hours going through all of her old blog posts.

Anine lives in LA but is originally from Sweden and Denmark. She is effortless stylish even though she mostly wears simple stuff like jeans, t-shirts and then of course one of her many Chanel bags.

She juggles being beautiful, having great style, writing a blog, being a mom for two little kids AND last but not least she has her own label called Anine Bing. She is definetly one of those types where you ask herself “how does she do it?”. Well, Anine somehow manages.

On her blog she invites the readers to have a look behind the scenes both when it comes to where she spends the weekends with her family, how she works, how her showroom looks and how she celebrates her kids’ birthdays. I am a fan! Visit her blog here.



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