Travel plans for 2015


Because of my big passion and love for traveling I am already on it planning where to go in 2015. So far my plans (some more planned and realistic than others) are:

♥ New York, Mexico/Costa Rica and Cuba. I am in New York now, and I am going to stay there for 10 days with my brother, his girlfriend and my boyfriend. My boyfriend has some work to do in NY, so I already updated my New York map with new cafés to visit, places to eat, and then I am planning to do a spa day and get a manicure, pedicure and eyelash extensions. After New York we will go to Cancun in Mexico or Costa Rica and stay there for a couple of days before continuing on to Cuba. I am so excited, not only to go back to New York (for the third time in less than four months, wow!), and to visit Mexico and Cuba for the first time.

♥ Copenhagen. Does not really count as a travel since I go to Copenhagen approximetely once every second month to visit family and friends.

♥ Weekend in Amsterdam. I’ve only been to Amsterdam once, two years ago with a friend. We had an amazing trip, though with a little spacecake accident, so for everyone who goes to Amsterdam, beware! My boyfriend went to Amsterdam last week for the first time, and he completely fell in love, so I promised him that we have to go together for some days in the spring. We also talked about renting a houseboat on AirBnB to get the real Amsterdam-feeling.

♥ Four days in Paris. I am planning to go to Paris in May with the same friend I went to Amsterdam with. We have known each other since we were eight years old, and we are really good together, because we have the same temper and opinions, so we do good as travel companions!

♥ Tanzania and Zanzibar. This travel has been my dream for years, ever since I heard my dad talk about his childhood living in Botswana and my mom talking about her favorite vacation in Kenya. I dream about safaris, giraffes, staying in beautiful tree lodges, hiking some of Kilimanjaro, visiting Serengeti National Park, experience the busy life of Dar es Salaam and then top it all with beautiful beaches and turquoise water in Zanzibar. If I am lucky 2015 is the year where my Africa-dream comes true!

♥ Sailing with my parents. My parents own a 37 feet sailing boat and since they got it about 10 years ago every summer the whole family has gone of a sailing trip. My parents usually sail for three weeks and then my twin brother and I are free to jump on and off the boat where and when we desire. Sailing is the purest relaxation I can think of, and also the only place where it is okay not to shower and wear make up or real clothes for many days in a row.

For the other half part of 2015 I have big decissions to make. Will I stay in Berlin or go back to Copenhagen and start my studies? Big decissions have to be made…



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