Interview // Copenhagen according to Karen Sofie Egebo

I’ve asked some friends and my favorite bloggers from all over the world to do a little interview for the blog. This one is about Copenhagen according to Karen Sofie so continue reading to find out what the best coffee, breakfast and places are in Copenhagen according to Karen Sofie:ks

♥  Short introduction

I’m a 27 year old journalist based in Copenhagen. For now. I have lived many places, both in Denmark and abroad. Most recently, I had a very deep love affair with Berlin, but fate wanted it to be a semi-short one (1,5 years spread over 4 years), and long story short, I’m back in my ’hometown’, Copenhagen.

♥ What makes Copenhagen special and unique and how is it living there?

Copenhagen is a strange city. Once I couldn’t think of a better place to live, but after I lived in Berlin and Montreal, I discovered its flaws – and decided to come back to it nonetheless. Copenhagen is very busy with what the world thinks of it. Sure, we have the world’s greatest restaurant, life in the streets, the harbour and beautiful people – but it would suit the city so well if it would just relax and be happy with that. This is not New York and will never be. But – apart from high rents, it’s a great city to live in. I wish it would be twice as big, but I also like the familiarity of it. Plus, my friends are here, and what could be better than that?


♥ What characterizes people from Copenhagen?

As I mentioned before, Copenhagen is afraid what people outside Denmark will forget about it. So the people here strive to be perfect, which makes everybody look alike. They look amazing, but I don’t call it Clonehagen for nothing. That said, I feel the city has changed for the better over the last years. It’s no longer the ’what are you’-question that comes before the ’who are you’ when you meet new people, and I feel Copenhageners are very proud of their city, they love to explore it and enjoy themselves.


♥ Best coffee in Copenhagen

There are several… Of course I have to mention Coffee Collective, but lately I’ve discovered Democratic Coffee in Krystalgade. The staff is so friendly, and the coffee is absolutely wonderful. Also, Forloren Espresso and Kaffebar in Nørrebro do a good job. But what I wouldn’t give for a great coffee place in outer Nørrebro where I live…!


♥ Best breakfast in Copenhagen

Again, several. One of my favourites is hipster-heaven Dyrehaven. They serve up a great Eggs Benedict, and the decor in the old bodega is worth a visit. Also, a classic is the brunch at Bang & Jensen. Plus, Kaffee in Istedgade with their coffee, bun with cheese and croissant concept for 60 kr – a bargain!


♥ What would a perfect day off in Copenhagen look like to you

It would involve the people I love. I’d have a long brunch somewhere, maybe at Taxa in Nørrebro, not because they make the best one, but because you can sit there for hours by the window. Then I’d walk around the lakes and just anywhere with some of my girlfriends, take photos and gossip for hours with coffee stops along the way. Maybe try Parterre in Christianshavn, I haven’t been there yet. We’d climb Rundetårn with croissants from Democratic and see the city beneath our feet. Then we’d go to Papirøen for a hangout by the water, see the boats go by and admire the Skuespilhus. We’d catch some dinner at the stalls and then we’d go party all night somewhere. Probably at Vibes Apotek or Drone in Nørrebro, or at my apartment with shamelessly loud music and Moscow Mules. Of course, it would be spring and sunny! But actually, I’d just try and see where the day would take us. Those are the best days, the ones that aren’t too planned out.

Karen Sofie has her own blog where she posts beautiful pictures of Copenhagen and other places she visits and writes about her daily life. Visit it here! Karen Sofie also has a very inspiring Instagram with thousands of followers – visit it here!



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