The Cuba Trip pt. 1

Now it has been almost two weeks since I arrived to Miami after spending eight days in Cuba, which was a mixed experience.

vada1 vada2

We spent the first two days in Varadero. We drove straight there after landing in Havana International Airport. We stayed at a not so good all inclusive hotel there that we shared with hundreds of university students from Canada that were on their “reading week” (read: having fun-drinking-partying-week). We had some fun nights partying with them at the beach, sleeping in and spending the whole day at the beautiful beach.

havana1havana2After a day and a half with only beach, party, and relaxation on the program, we headed back to Havana to experience the capital of Cuba, which has a lot to offer. We stayed privately with a mid-aged couple who had a nice apartment directly in the city center. We played the perfect tourists and did everything after the book plus more. Got lost in the streets of Havana, ate food from a government-run restaurant, walked the Malecon with crazy wind and waves, went to the more tourist friendly Old Town district, not to mention a visit to the Museum of the Revolution. My favorite part of Havana was just wandering up and down the colorful and crackled streets of the city and getting lost in them.

1rooftopheletriniTwo and a half days in Havana made us realize that we didn’t need more time there, so we decided to move on to see more of the island. We heard a lot of amazing things about the city Trinidad, a little city a four hour car ride from Havana, stuck in time since 1850. The rather long drive going there was not a problem because it was a beautiful one. We got to see a fire gone wrong in the field, and we actually drove straight through it, because our driver wasn’t a man of patience. We arrived at night time at  the most beautiful house with an even more beautiful roof top balcony overlooking the pastel colored houses of Trinidad. streetsoftrinidad trinidrinkstrini

I hope you liked my photos and diary from Cuba. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!




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