Paris in April // Guide

Yay! In April I am going to Paris with one of my very old and very close friends. I am beyond excited, since I have only been to Paris once back in 2011. We are meeting some other friends in Paris, so we are going to have a couple of days with great company, parties, fun, good food, and hopefully the weather is going to be sunny and beautiful.

I love planning and researching for the best places when I travel, so of course I have already scribbled a plan/guide together of places we haven’t been before that we want to go to when we get to Paris. Here it is:

♥ Laduree – a visit to Laduree and their tea salon is mandatory when in Paris.

♥ Kong – Kong is the restaurant from Sex and the City where Carrie meets the ex wife of her Russian boyfriend, and it should be quite a hotspot.

♥ Colette – a concept store. I also visited Colette when I was in Paris back in ’11, and this store screams coolness.

♥ Odette – a cute little Parisian pattiserie close to the Seine.

♥ Chez Marianne – many people agree that this is the best place in Paris for falafel and Lebanese food.

♥ Café Charlot – Café Charlot is a popular Parisian spot and allegedly they have a good burger, so of course I am in for a try.

♥ Cafe Pinson – Vegan and Insta-worthy coffee spot.

♥ Paris New York – another burger place that should be really good.

♥ Craft – good coffee. No further description needed.

♥ Ten Belles – another good coffee spot. A sit down for a coffee once a day is essential on a city trip.

♥ Cafe de Flore – Iconic Parisian café. It has been in countless movies and should be worth a visit.

♥ Park Hyat – Hotel with great breakfast.

♥ Gosselin – a French pattiserie chain where they serve a burger – macaron. Yes, you read it right. A macaroon that looks like a burger.

♥ Versailles – both my friend and I have seen the main sights in Paris, so we are thinking about taking a half day trip to either Versailles or Monet’s garden, and maybe both if we have the time.

♥ Monet’s garden

♥Luxembourg Park – I hung out in this great park a lot on my last visit in Paris, and it is just a perfect Parisian hang out spot.

Obviously, we are not going to be able to make it to all of these places, but I can’t wait to experience them and show you pictures of our trip.



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