Links I liked in March

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What better way to indicate the end of the month with an update of what I read, saw, and liked in March? Here you go:

♥ This little guide from The Nectar Collective on how to not be late. Very handy for someone like me!

♥ This documentary on Netflix “Plastic Paradise”, made me realize something I never really gave much thought before – our use of plastic and how many problems it causes. I definitely recommend anyone to watch it.

♥ This quirky interview from Vogue with Sarah Jessica Parker, I forgot everything about until Mille Emilie made this blog post about the interview and showed pictures from Sarah Jessica Parker‘s New York City town house.

♥ Beautiful Rebecca from Fromroses gives her best suggestions to what work outs to do at home. Especially yoga with Adriene is good!

♥ Opened my eyes to this blogger Cathrine Frier. I love finding new blogs, and especially when they are like Cathrine’s, hilarious, straight to the point, and personal. I especially enjoy her “things that piss me off”-lists.

♥ I tried watching the new Netflix series “Bloodline” but next thing I knew I was asleep. Maybe I will get to it in a couple of days and I’ll let you know if I like it.





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