Sunday Thoughts // Rome wasn’t build in a day

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about some Sunday thoughts I had about to chose your fights and pick your mood. In many cases I am actually able to chose to be happy instead of letting little things get me down.

This Sunday I am trying to keep in mind that Rome wasn’t build in a day. Some days ago I took a yoga class and I got really frustrated that I am not flexible enough. I am in generel a really impatient person and if I am not the best at something or learn stuff right away I don’t want to do it anymore. An example is that I never learned how to whistle, because I couldn’t figure out how to do it right away I just didn’t want to spend more time trying to learn it. The same with math. I always sucked at it because I hated it and never showed it any interest. Now I think that I could’ve probably been a lot better at math if I wanted to. I guess it is like that with many things. I guess I have been quite lucky in many instances, I never had to spend a lot of time working hard and learning new things, but that bites me now because I never learned to be patient and try hard to learn something new.

Rome wasn’t build in a day, I am telling myself, and the only way to get more flexible for yoga is to stretch every day, so that is what I will try to do starting now. And remind myself that I can’t be the best at everything, good things take time, and trying to be more patient.




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