Berlin lately

Easter Sunday brunch at Hotel Adlon in Berlin. Perfect setting, all you can drink champagne and great company in form of my very own Jesus.

The buffet consisted of thousand of different dishes, fish, bread, sweets, and I could go on.   

Cutest Easter cupcakes.

I posted this photo on Instagram and I immediately got lots of comments from my friends asking if I had gotten my nose pierced. The answer to that is no. It’s a fake piercing and it tickles so much.

My friend Emily came to visit me from Copenhagen and we had some amazing days filled with relaxing, eating good food, walking around the city, and of course, partying.   

Selfie from Monsieur Vuong, the Danish people’s all time favorite restaurant in Berlin.   

Breakfast and coffee at my neighbor café Silo. Still a great place!   

Diner at Transit in Friedrichshain. Beautifully decorated and great asian tapas. Duck in pyjamas is my safe choice and I always get that one.  

Yet another visit to the Bird. This time in Kreuzberg. Like I wrote two weeks ago, this is still the best burger there is in Berlin.


Breakfast at another place in Friedrichshain, Aunt Benny. I come here a lot because Aunt Benny offers everything. A good laptop/work environment,  good coffee, healthy smoothies, a big assortment of cakes, breakfast, and lunch + not to forget drinks like Bloody Mary.

Babysitting and muffin baking + decorating. We had fun!

Coffee far up in Prenzlauer Berg. I finally pulled myself together to take the bike ride up there to try Café Kraft that has been on my “to try”-list for more than what good is. It was definitely worth the bike ride, Kraft took good care of me and served great coffee.

There is a new café in town. On Torstraße in Mitte that is. A Danish architecht couple recently opened this beautiful space, and not only do they have great furniture and decorations, they also have very friendly employees that make great coffee, tea, cakes, and lunch.

I hope you all had some great Easter days.



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