Paris diary // pt. 3

I am now back in Berlin after some amazing days in Paris. I’ve looked through all of my pictures from there and it was quite hard to pick which ones to blog about when we experienced so many cool things and took so many good pictures.  IMG_3282

Before going to the airport we took a pit stop at the Eiffel Tower. The last night in Paris it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t go to the Eiffel Tower this time, I only saw it from distance. My boyfriend and I agreed that you can’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, so we went there. IMG_3267

Greatest garden at the Hotel Costes where we stayed the two last nights. They serve good food, good drinks and the mood is always good.


Getting ready for the day at Hotel Costes. IMG_3262

How beautiful is this room?


Clara and I both thought that a trip to Paris isn’t real unless you have  at least one macaroon. Therefore we bought eight of them in different colors and tastes. Some of them better than others. IMG_3224

Wine by the canal Saint Martin. It doesn’t get any better than this, Paris, the canal, warm (almost summer) nights, friends and wine!


Dinner with friends at La Favorite a good place with French food like salmon or steak tatar. I (of course) went for the burger. IMG_3140

A walk to Sacre Coeur is also a must when in Paris. We lived very close to it but the walk up there was still a bit tough and both Clara and I felt that we had a bit too much wine the night before. IMG_3139

At least we weren’t too hungover to have fun and laugh, which is actually what we always do when we are together.


My friend commented on this picture “real tourist!!” and she couldn’t be more right. We went to the pyramids by the Louvre, not to go in to the museum and wave at Mona Lisa, but to take these pictures.   IMG_3086

I met these sweet people at Café Charlot, a real French styled café located on a street corner in Le Marais.



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