Five good places to eat in Barcelona


Brunch – Brunch & Cake

The best way to start your day in Barcelona is to start off with brunch at Brunch & Cake. Brunch & Cake is the cutest little white decorated café that offers great decoration, and great brunch and breakfast. The place offers classic dishes like poached eggs on waffles, sandwiches, omelettes, and fruit. The place is popular so you might have to wait for around 15 minutes to get a table, but it is all worth it. 


Tapas – Can Cisa – Bar Brutal

In the El Born area there are almost too many great tapas restaurants so it can be hard to figure out which one to chose to do your Barcelona tapas dinner at. We heard about Bar Brutal from friends, so we figured it would be a safe choice. This place has more wine than you can imagine and great tapas dishes, so if you are out after a real Barcelona tapas experience, Bar Brutal definitely covers it.


Café – Cosmo Café

(Picture judit_rms) For a place to chill and take a break in the afternoon we found Cosmo Café. This place was perfect for a smoothie, coffee, and a piece of cake. Cosmo Café works as a cultural café, so they had different little exhibitions from up and coming + underground artist. Cosmo Café shows that Barcelona also has a lot to offer when it comes to young and hip culture. 

Ice cream – Eyescream and Friends

Along the beach boardwalk in Barcelona, you will find a little ice cream store. You pick your favorite ice cream taste and they cut it up for you, put it in a bowl and create a face out of your ice cream with little chocolate eyes. Next step is to choose your favorite topping and sauce. Pick between fruits, cake, and chocolate. Then you have the cutest little “Eyescream” face to eat. Take it to a bench and enjoy the beach life of Barcelona.

Pizza – Nap – Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

This Italian pizza restaurant allegedly has the best pizza in Barcelona, so of course we had to try it. There is not a lot to say other than the pizza is amazing, and by eating here you feel like you are in Italy for a brief moment, which is probably the purpose of calling the place Neapolitan Authentic Pizza. 


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