New York next week // Planning white rooftop party

 27aa81e3021194abd4fcf1ddfb6ae57d 52c60dc82913fd8b9bf8c115076ef16d ac6b0aa4f469d853afd972122a2127f7 bc72123e1f2b7079f69801a10c833488 eee4f1fc5e3767b03ef08a8c34667417Amazing news – for myself at least! I am going back to New York next week, and I am beyond excited to go back to the world’s greatest city (after Berlin…)! The last time I was there was back in February, where -20 degrees, ice, and snow determined that I spent more time hiding in my boyfriend’s apartment than enjoying amazing New York, because it simply was too cold to be outside.

We have different things to do in New York including a wedding in The Hamptons, a few days to visit family in Maryland, and then if we are lucky we will also squeeze in a couple of days in Chicago. I really hope we will make it to Chi-town since I’ve never been there before.

In the end of May my boyfriend is having a rooftop party in his apartment building, and he is planning doing an all white party, and I promised to serve as his assistent and party planner, so I am going through Pinterest to find inspiration (pictures are from there). I hope we will be able to make his Brooklyn rooftop look amazing and have a great party.

I hope you will follow along as I post from the US of A.



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