Copenhagen Diary // part 1

I have now spent a week an a half in my hometown Copenhagen and after reading Mie from travel diaries from her trip through the U.S., I got inspired to walk you guys through my days and what I have been up to in Copenhagen. This way you will also learn that I didn’t wander of to some remote island somewhere – I am still alive – I’ve just been pretty hung up (the good way) with friends and family.

Copenhagen diary. Monday: I arrived at Copenhagen airport from Paris around 11 am. The best person in the world, my mom of course, was there to pick me up. We drove home and picked up salad from Smag (amazing place I always miss when away from Copenhagen), and had a good lunch together. After lunch we walked my dog and I went to say hi to some of our close neighbors. When we got back it knocked on my door, and my two friends Emily and Barbro came to visit. We sat in our garden and catched up on a lot of stories and gossip, and naturally there was a lot of catching up to do, since we hadn’t seen each other for months. My parents cooked dinner and my grandfather came over for fiskedrikadeller (crab cakes) my favorite dish! In the evening I figured it was time to go for a drive – I have a drivers license but I barely use it. I drove without crashing so that was perfect. I went to visit my brother and his girlfriend in their apartment in Nørrebro, and tried to help out my brother with his psycology exam that he had in the morning the next day.

Tuesday: I woke up to the sound of my boyfriends voice – he arrived a day later than me from Paris to participate at my brothers graduation. Around 10 pm my mom, dad, boyfriend and I drove to my brothers high school, Christianhavns Gymnasium, the same one I went to and graduated from two years ago, to celebrate his graduation. There are many traditions in Denmark when graduating from high school, and being at the school after the student’s last exam when the student is given the “student hat” (another Danish tradition) with champagne is one of them. We were there and all very proud of my twin brother and his girlfriend. I also think my American boyfriend had fun – his comment was something like “I like Danish traditions – especially when they include drinking champagne at school!”. We took a quick walk to Christiania – the free town which is right next to the high school, and after that we went to have lunch at Italian restaurant Fiat. Then home to get ready for my brother’s party at my parents house. He’d invited about 30 people and we all spent the afternoon and early night having a good time. After a couple of hours all the “young” people decided to meet up in Nørrebro and have some beer. Emily, my boyfriend and myself had a late dinner (or dinner might be wrong to call it – a sandwich), before we went home, all tired after a long day.

Wednesday we slept until 3 pm, and it was one of those days where it feels like you never really wake up – you are just all over tired. My friend from Berlin, Nicoline, came by and we chilled at home, until it was time to go to the yearly family dinner at Bakken – an amusement park just outside of Copenhagen. My mom hates the place – she thinks it is trashy, which is actually true, but it is a family tradition to go there once a year. I brought my boyfriend, he had traditional Danish food – fried pork with potatoes, and he loved it. Still tired after getting back home, we went back to bed.


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