RIP MacBook 


The last hours have been a complete series of less fortunate events for me.

Some weeks ago my MacBook charger broke – you know how Apple chargers always break – the way they split in the ends and turn into a possible fire. I was to stingy and lazy to go find a new one, and that means that every time I had to use my laptop I had to find a right way to put the charger in order for it to charge the laptop and then I couldn’t move as much as an inch because then the charger would fall out of place. 
Then last night the worst case scenario happened. I was out with some friends, we had dinner in the extreme heat, tried to cool down with watermelon shakes with a splash of sake – very very good!!! and right before we left to go meet some other friends at a bar, the wind came. Then came the thunder, and at last the extreme rain. My boyfriend wrote me “shit, the windows in the apartment are open”. I thought that it was going to be okay. Little did I know. I got home quite late that night to find my laptop that I left in my bed pretty soaked in water from the rain. I tried to dry it and turn it on, but it wouldn’t start. I freaked and flipped at the same time and my boyfriend tried to calm me down. Hysterical girl on the loose….

The day after I took my laptop to a MacBook doctor called iMazing. The Apple doctor asked the inevitable question “did you back up your data?”. And I sat there at the other side of the desk (like you do at the real doctor’s) feeling like a dumb blonde (because everybody knows the risks of not backing up all of your stuff regularly).

The scenario was exactly like this scene from Sex and the City, where Carrie’s MacBook crashes, she goes to the repairer, and when he asks her if she backs up, her answer is “I don’t do that”. And she does everything to blame Aidan and she is acting like a snapping hyena to him. I was the exact same way. It is like it gets a bit easier if you have someone to blame – and who else than your boyfriend? Sorry boyfriend….

The guy at iMazing was a classic iNerd. Long, greasy ponytail, greasy skin, glasses, dry humor, and not a lot of empathy for my horrible situation.

I asked him “so how big are my chances for getting all of my data back?”. Him in a very dry tone: “I can’t tell you that. Sometimes Macbooks come in and they are dead forever even though they just had a big of liquid damage. Me in my thoughts: “liquid damage my ass and thanks for the hope you give me here…. I am putting all my faith in you to save my life here, mister iMazing.”

Today has been a very difficult day for me. My best friend is no longer with me. No longer by my side. What am I suppose to do with my self, my time now and my life right now?
I was crying and acting like a baby, and all I wanted was just to have my baby back in my arms, and my mom and boyfriend both told me to save my sorrows, and who knows – maybe the iNerd will fix it. I’m crossing everything I have to cross!!!!

Do yourself a favor to watch the Sex and the City clip. It made me feel a bit better – not only because I realized I am not the only horrible girlfriend in the world, and I am also not the only one who is dumb enough not always to make sure I back up my stuff.

I crashed in all ways possible, but I also found out that nothing is as bad that it isn’t good for something – in real Sex and the City-spirit I went to & Other Stories to look for a pair of wedge sandals that I’ve been searching for a long time with no luck both in Paris, Copenhagen, and New York, and I finally found them in Berlin – even with 70% off! That made my day (just a tiny little bit). Amazing what shoes can do.


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  1. Charlotte
    7. juli 2015 / 17:06

    Hvorfor Linus eller er du en “true Sex and the City fan”