Nomad Coffee Barcelona

Nomad Coffee the best coffee in barcelona

Nestled in the cutest, most picturesque little passage close to La Rambla in Barcelona, you will find this tiny little coffee bar called Nomad Coffee. Actually, the beauty of this quite hidden location is that not too many people will notice Nomad Coffee because of the location, which means that the place won’t be overcrowded and there is enough space for coffee lovers and ehnthusiastics to enjoy their coffee in peace.

different kinds of coffee at nomad coffee barcelona

The small cafe has a typical cool coffee bar decoration with materials like wood, marble and concrete and space for no more than around 15 seated guests.

nomad coffee in barcelona

nomad coffee barcelona


The menu is big when it comes to coffee, small when it comes to everything else. They have one kind of cake to go with the coffee. Within the coffee menu the baristas serve filter coffees, cold drip coffee, and different variants of ice coffee for the heat – like their homemade and self-invented iced coffee lemonade – that I of course had to try – cold filter coffee with a homemade lemon syrup, homemade lemon sugar and a lot of ice cubes to make sure the coffee is as cold as possible. It was definitely something new but also very yummy! Nomad Coffee in Barcelona is loved by locals, expats and traveling coffee lovers from all over the world, so sitting here means hearing all kinds of languages.

cute passage in barcelona

Nomad Coffee in Barcelona has no wi-fi so guests are forced to be creative and come up with other ways of entertainment.

Nomad Coffee Barcelona

Passatge Sert, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


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