13 things you have to try on your trip to Prague

I am so lucky that I in my lifetime have already visited Prague five times! Even after visiting the city many times, I can witness that Prague never looses its magic and beauty. Walking around in Prague simply feels like being part of a true fairytale. Prague has, in my opinion, the same status as Paris, New York City and Barcelona – it is a city that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. As you know, I spent last weekend in Prague, and therefore I created this guide with 13 different things one simply must try when in Prague. Here are 13 things you have to try on your trip to Prague!

beautiful view over prague

Enjoy the spectacular view

This one is my personal favorite thing to do in Prague. Take a walk, or to be fair – a hike in the park/forest of Petrinské Skalky. The walk might be a little steep at times but the view you will get of the city from the top will make it all worth it.

prague castle

Visit the castle, the cathedral, the Strahov Monastery library, and the fairytale villages

If you keep on walking, you will reach the Strahov Monastery. This very old monastery holds one of the most beautiful libraries of the world and it is definitely worth taking out 15 minutes of your schedule to see it. Continue the walk this time going down hill through the beautiful, calm streets of the fairytale looking villages with pastel colored houses. After a short walk you will reach the castle and the cathedral that are both amazingly beautiful buildings and the view from here is astonishing as well.

Cross the Charles Bridge

Please don’t ask me why, but for some reason this bridge is a total tourist magnet. A walk over it and some pictures taken from it is a must when visiting Prague. Who knows, maybe you will even go so far that you will end up leaving Prague with a picture of yourself in a comic way painted by one of the painter artists from the bridge?

streets of prague

Stand with the other tourist to watch the Prague astronomical clock

This very special clock is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world, and once an hour tourists garder in hordes to watch the clock go off. I won’t spill what actually happens, you will have to experience it yourself 😉

Eat Czech food

When in Rome, right… In Prague it is very easy to satisfy your Czech food cravings, because you will see authentic Czech food restaurants and eateries everywhere. Try the gulasch, the knödel (bread/potato dumplings), the meat, and for desert – the apfel strudel (apple cake). It is really, really good, and if you are lucky, they serve it for you with vanilla sauce on the side!

Go partying! 

Another thing that Prague is known for – the crazy night life. All little kiosk sell absinthe (and my advice is… don’t go there – absinthe was never tasty, healthy or anything else), alcohol is very cheap, and the night clubs are big, popular, and there are many of them. Try Karlovy Lazne, the biggest club in central Europe which offers a view over te Vlatva river and the Charles Bridge, Beer Factory that lets you tap your own beer, and Chapeau Rouge and Double Trouble for more cool, underground partying.

Drink the beer

Prague loves beer, and they love brewing it too. Around Prague you can find several beer breweries to visit, so if just drinking beer when visiting Prague doesn’t cut it, go visit one of the many breweries for a real Prague experience.

Take a break at some of the new up and coming hip cafes

The third-wave coffee movement is here to stay, and it has also taken over Prague! Try I Need Coffee!, Alza Café, Mezi Zrnk, Kafe Karlin and Kafemat

great breakfast at cafe savoy in prague

Indulge in a brunch

As well as coffee brunch has also hit Prague like the plague, and no matter where you are in the world, what is a better way to start the day than with a good, solid breakfast or brunch? Try Cafe Jen, Cafe Savoy, Monolok Cafe or the Four Seasons Hotel. 

Buy a souvenir from a traditional Czech glass store

They are everywhere, and if you are to buy a souvenir from Prague, something glass it is. Prague is known for crystal glasses, little glass animations, bowls, ashtrays – yes everything in glass, and crystal glasses will never go out of fashion! In Prague the different glass stors are easy to find.




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