LollaPalooza day 2

lollapalooza berlin 2015

silverstories at lollapalooza

kygo concert at lollapalooza berlin

flowergirl at lollapalooza




backstage at seeed lollapalooza

Here we gooooo: LollaPalooza day 2! I started off the day by being very tired, especially in my legs after crazy dancing and jumping at the Skrillex concert the night before, but after arriving at the festival and loading up with some food and drinks, I quickly forgot about my tiredness, and continued the party from the day before. The Sunday line up was way better on Sunday than Saturday, so I actually got to hear quite a lot of concerts – I heard Run the Jewels, Kygo, Robin Schulz, Sam Smith aaaaand – the best of them all – Seeed! Seeed is a German band from Berlin. The band consists of 11 people, so they do all their music themselves and their style is a mix of reggae, dancehall and rock, and I have loved their music for a long time, so I was really excited to see them. I spent the first half hour of the concert in front of the stage. After those 30 minutes, a girl tapped me on the shoulder and said that somebody up front was trying to reach me. There was my boyfriend, waving me over to the front of the stage where the security guards and the photographers were. I got there, and my boyfriend led me backstage, so the rest of the concert we watched backstage. It was amazing! Just watching all the people having a blast at the concert, all the hands in the air, all the little heads. Then after a while Seeed played my all time favorite song “You and I” and the whole crowd took up their phones and lit their flash lights, and it looked so beautiful! You get a slight feeling of it in the pictures, but I must say, the real life experience was more beautiful.

All in all, I had a great weekend at LollaPalooza, and I am excited for next year!



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