My boyfriend spills 10 facts about me

Jesus and caroline in new york

In order to spice it up a little in here and alsooo because I am on a very tight schedule at the moment, I asked my boyfriend to help me out a bit. I saw on one of my favorite blogs that Christina had her boyfriend spill 10 facts about her, so I had my boyfriend spill 10 facts about me. Before he wrote it he had me agree to not editing or deleting any facts, and though I was a little worried about agreeing to this I figured there was no other way, if I wanted him to write this for me  – hmmm… hence the fact number 3. Over-sharing I know, and I’m sorry beforehand! 😉 If you want to know even more about me (since I am so interesting 😉 ) you should click here. AND so! without further ado, here are 10 facts about me by written my sweet boyfriend;

Sitting in front of me is this beautiful woman that I am honored and blessed to call my girlfriend. I’m the luckiest man alive because she’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I see and kiss goodnight in the evening. I was given a task to write 10 facts about your favorite Danish blogger. Since I am with her 24/7 I’m suppose to know her the best. So these are the top 10 facts I think you should know about her.

10. Every morning the first word out her mouth is “omg, I am so tired” even after she has been sleeping 10 hours, which she does quite often…
9. It takes seven alarms to wake her up in the morning.
8. She is full of energy by midnight and a real night owl.
7. She wants to turn me into a house wife and forces me to cook and clean.
6. She is the only person I know who goes through her whole instagram feed.
5. She likes being busy and doing different projects but also gets stressed out easily.
4. She is way more mature than me and I’m 31!
3. Her farts sound like a baby machine gun. (Caroline comment: excuse me?!)
2. She can quote almost every Sex and The City episode
1. She is addicted to Asos and doesn’t even know it! At least once a month we have a huge package arriving to the apartment with stuff she bought from there. 


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  1. 10. december 2015 / 5:07

    This is too cute!! I love this post, hahaa! It’s always cool getting to know someone through another person’s POV!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    • Caroline
      10. december 2015 / 13:00

      Aww thank you so much! Im happy you liked it!

  2. Nicoline
    10. december 2015 / 13:16

    HAHAHAHAHA nr. 10 & nr. 6. Han har så ret 😀

    • Caroline
      10. december 2015 / 17:52


      • Caroline
        10. december 2015 / 17:52

        jeg ved godt, hvilken fact, der var røget på, hvis du skulle skrive den!