A week of my life part 1


I am B.U.S.Y at the moment and the thing I am not prioritizing very high on my list of to do’s is blogging, and I can feel it AND see it. My reader numbers are low and this is only making me feel worse, as of course, I want to get my readers back (I MISS YOU!!!) and do good in whatever I do. But truth be told, it is a little complicated to juggle a fulltime job, a full time study, the blog (which is kinda like a fulltime thing too), writing and publishing a book, having a somewhat functioning social life, doing laundry, trying to go to the gym, and to fit in some sleep here and then (and I really don’t function without my sleep, I really envy those people who are able to do fine with very little sleep.  Yes, you get the picture, #life can be busy and too busy sometimes, but I also like being busy and having things to do! It makes me feel alive and accomplished, but still – I don’t want to lose my readers, so please! Wherever you are hiding, come back <3

Last year I did a very realistic post portraying a random day in my life, and it was popular, so I came up with the idea of doing that again, only this time to do it in the bigger picture and with a whole week. So, let’s see what I have been up to this week.

Monday: My first day off work at SOS the studio in six days! I slept till 10.30 am, got up late as always after sleeping through the sound of my thousand alarms it takes me to try and wake up in the morning. Threw some clothes on because my plan was to do yoga later that day and jumped on my bike to go to Hallesches Haus in Kreuzberg to meet my friend and grapich layouter for my book! Exciting. We ended up sitting at Hallesches Haus for eight hours straight working on the book trying to make our deadline. Thank god that Hallesches Haus didn’t throw us out 😉 I biked straight from there to meet a friend for a quick sushi dinner, and we decided we deserved a glass of wine. I told her I couldn’t stay that long because I really wanted to make it to the hatha yoga glass, and next thing I knew, I looked at my phone only to find out that it was already way pass yoga time… I said screw it, and decided to head over to a cafe for another glass of wine, and we enjoyed sitting outside at night time in Berlin in 11 degrees celcious…In December… I biked home and went straight to bed.

Tuesday: Work at SOS the studio in Mitte from 11 am to 8.30 pm. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day so we took some photos for the Instagram profile – you should do yourself a favor and check it out, there is a great give away going on at the moment. My colleague and I later on decided to clear out and organize the whole storage and in store clothing and it took quite some time and energy. At 8.30 pm I biked home, feeling pretty exhausted and my boyfriend had homemade chili con carne waiting for me #relationshipgoals, and the best ever after a long day at work. We ate, chilled for a bit and then I had to do online school and start writing an economy assignment which is pulling my teeth out. It is no secret that I was never a big fan of math and numbers. Off to bed as I loooove to sleep.

Wednesday: Another day of work from 11 am to 5 pm. My initial plan was to get up early to go to yoga, but that was a bit optimistic from my side, as it my intentions are good, but when the morning comes and I have to get up, it never happens. Again, no yoga for me. At work I ordered lunch (thank god for food delivery) from Superfoods and Organic Liquids trying to be healthy and improve my immune system feeding it with good things. Half an hour later the bike delivery guy came with a green juice, a coconut/pine apple and healthy stuff-smoothie, and a chia pudding my coconut sauce. Trying to eat it I realized I might have over-ordered a bit, and I couldn’t finish it. After a few more hours at work, my boyfriend came to surprise me and pick me up, and we biked back home together and had the left over chili from the day before while watching Precious on our home movie screen. Such a terrible, but good movie! I took a little nap while watching it – I tend to fall asleep while watching movies… After that I forced myself to get going with my school stuff, book stuff and blog stuff and one hour by the laptop turned into many… Off to bed, late as always.

Thursday: No work till 2 pm, which means I stayed in bed till… 1pm. Took a nice, long shower, gave my hair a face mask and then biked off to work. Off again at 8.30 pm, biking home where my boyfriend again had a nice dinner waiting for me. We ate, watched Christmas movies, and I definitely didn’t get the school work done before falling asleep on the couch…




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