Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand

Caroline Sølver in Bangkok

Jeg er i Bangkok og her er fantastisk til trods for, at jeg er en del jetlagged. Sidder pt. og skriver dette indlæg i hotellets lobby (det eneste sted, der er wifi!) og kl. er syv om morgenen. Oversættelse bliver det ikke til i dag, men læs med på engelsk <3 Og glædelig jul! Håber I alle har haft en skøn juleaften og får nogle dejlige juledage fyldt med familie, venner og god mad!

Silverstories in Bangkok

English: So, I have arrived in Bangkok, or more correctly, that happened two-three days ago. Jetlag has hit me so I can’t really keep track of dates and time. Right now I woke up at seven in the morning and wasn’t able to sleep anymore. Anyone who knows me will know that this would NEVER happened unless I was hit by a serious case of jetlag. Therefore I have now escaped my insomnia and gone to the lobby (yeah, our hotel room has no wifi, which means we have to go to the lobby whenever we want to go online). I bet it is a good exercise and could be extended to something like a new year’s resolution – be less online and more present…

None the less, Bangkok is amazing! And I am so lucky to be celebrating Christmas in Bangkok! So far I have already had a great amount of Thai street food, held a big, big snake (as I wrote on Instagram, I ONLY did it in order to get a photo for the gram, haha!), visited Rocket Coffee Bar which was very beautiful, but as my mom said “places like these make the world a very small one), meaning these classic coffee bars look similiar everywhere you go you almost forget where you are, in this case – Bangkok and we might as well be home in Copenhagen. She is so right, but I am still a sucker for hip cafes. I have also had a fair amount of fresh coconuts to drink, and they really solve everything. Headache? Drink a fresh coconut. Jetlagged? Drink a fresh coconut. Hungover? Drink a fresh coconut. I predict I will be drinking a lot of them the next 10 days…

Bangkok is a classic big city with deafening and never ending traffic, shopping and market possibilities everywhere and a whole lot of people making the streets insanely crowded. But it is all part of the charm! Tomorrow (or today depending on where in the world you are) we are leaving to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I am so excited to experience the world’s biggest religious site!


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