Markets you have to visit when in London

London City is full of markets and it is an absolute must to visit at least some of them. I definitely spent a lot of time at markets this weekend when I was in London, and today I am ready to lead on all of my information and recommendations on to you <3


Old Spitalfields Market (Every day till 5 pm)

This market has been in London for the past 350 years, and it is located within the most beautiful covered market square building. At Old Spitalfields Market you will find a lot of  independent designers selling their latests inventions and designs, delicious food and curated designer shops.

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market (On Sundays till 5 pm)

Everything can literally be found on the renowned Brick Lane Market, and what they do best is vintage clothing stores and street food, so you should definitely visit the market on an empty stomach! This market is especially good with Eastern and Indian food!

Spitalfields Market

Camden Market (Every day)

This market can almost be described as being a tourist attraction, because tourists definitely seem love this place, so for anyone searching for authenticity, go elsewhere! However, Camden Market offers a lot of fun with crazy stores such as Cyber Dog, a place a techno lover would feel that he had died and gone to heaven when entering this store. An absolutely crazy place, but so much fun! Camden Market is never ending, and there is something for everyone, if they are on the lookout for new clothes, antiques, food, cosmetics, piercings, hats – or even… sex toys and other obscure products. 😉 

London Markets

Columbia Road Flower Market (On Sundays)

Firstly – this market is definitely for people who don’t mind big crowds, because this market is CROWDED to say the least. Every Sunday people go to Columbia Road to buy or look at flowers in hoards, and it is hard to actually get to buy flowers. None the less, flowers are beautiful and once you are out of the flower rush, there is also good street food and a nice mood to be found. 

Broadway Market

Portobello Road Market (Biggest on Fridays)

Portobello Road Market offers so much to look at that one barely has time to scour it all. The market is divided in to different parts – one that sells food, one that sells clothing and one that sells antiques, and no matter which of the above one likes, there is something to be found here! The area in which Portobello Road Market can be found in is just the London, you have seen in the movies (Notting Hill!), and it is definitely a must when in town. 

Hipster tips London

Broadway Market (On Saturdays)

This one was my personal favorite! The setting; It is Saturday morning, the sun is shining, everyone is off work due to the weekend and has all the time the world to take a nice stroll by the market to get the best of the best when it comes to cake, coffee, food or flowers. Such a nice and local vibe here and everyone seems to be in a good mood. 

Colombia Road Flower Market

Boxpark (Permanent) 

Boxpark isn’t really a market, if so, a very modern – and permanent – one. Made of containers and located in hip Shoreditch, Boxpark satisfies all your needs with hip, independent fashion stores on the ground floor and food from all over the world on the first floor. Great place to go for a quick shopping stroll or to get a little snack when hunger strikes. 


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