Stuck in Mexico


English:.. Yep! And Mexico is not the best place to be stuck with the airport of Cancun that only have airplanes in the direction of Europe leaving a few times a day, not to mention how expensive they are. How this happened is a long and complicated story. It is caused by three big worldwide travel companies that screwed up our booking and canceled our flight. There is nothing we can do before we are back in Germany, so as of right now, we are stuck in Cancun.

I am trying to look at this as an adventure – right now blogging from an obscure hotel room that has four different beds all in one room, a very loud and old air condition, but at least it has a/c AND wifi, so we can’t complain. On the other hand, it is hard to deal with this positively as I am 1. stuck in Mexico. 2. spending money on obscure hotel rooms. 3. was supposed to be in Germany now, working. 4. always get kinda anxious when I let people down (work!). 5. and don’t really know when or how to get back. Furthermore, my blog is one big mess caused by a picture problem that no one seems to be able to resolve. And my boyfriend is sleeping – through stress, work, a loud air condition and my loud tapping on the keyboard trying to fix some of all these problems. (Guys!)

I am out, and sorry for the rather not happy post but that’s life sometimes… The weather is great in Europe right now, so I hope you are enjoying it where ever you are <3




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