The coolest hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico

One of the two beautiful houses that The Dreamcatcher consists of.    

The other beautiful house.

One of the many communal hang out spots.    



How cool to cook your food in a kitchen like this?!  

The coolest hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico is, without a doubt, The Dreamcatcher. As soon as you enter the hotel, you are met with pure relaxation, harmony, and beauty. The Dreamcatcher is very special and a true oasis in the midst of the hippest part of San Juan, Loiza.

Let me explain to you what is so special about The Dreamcatcher. Two weeks ago, I traveled to Puerto Rico and spent nine days roadtrippin’ all over the island. One of my last stops on my journey in Puerto Rico was to spend a night at The Dreamcatcher. I was invited as a guest to stay there and I was so excited. I’d been reading about the place and seen pictures and was already aware that this place was something special.

I quickly learned why the place is so special and the secret behind the success of The Dreamcatcher. The people behind the hotel are passionate and talented. Especially when it comes to decorating. Sylvia, one of the owners, is a renowned interior designer. Besides from designing the beautiful hotel, she also designed most of the hip restaurants and cafes in San Juan. This ultimately means that The Dreamcatcher is full of the most beautiful and cool interior decoration and design. Furthermore, each room has its own design and style.

The Dreamcatcher is located in a gated community by the beach in the hipster neighborhood of San Juan called Loiza. The bed & breakfast hotel consists of two houses combined with a big terrace and garden. The two houses have, in total, nine rooms and three suites. One is more beautiful than the other. Depending on guests’ needs and wants, some rooms have shared bathrooms, other rooms have big gardens and private terraces and some even come with kitchens.

The Dreamcatcher goes above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience and stay at the bed and breakfast. They offer activities such as tours of the island, yoga, coffee, beach chairs that guests can bring to the beach. The hotel also encourages guests to travel eco- and budget-friendly, as there are communal kitchens . Here, guests are welcome to cook their own food. Note that meat can not be prepared in the kitchen, but it is allowed to eat it. Every morning, chef Jerome cooks a delicious vegan or vegetarian breakfast, where guests can choose from either one course or three courses.

Six reasons why I absolutely loved staying at The Dreamcatcher, the coolest hotel in San Juan (and you will too):

  • Its location. Within a two minute walk, you will find yourself in a hipster heaven full of smoothie bowl cafes, nail salons, and cool boutique stores. In the other direction, you have the beach, which can be reached in just two minutes, as well.
  • The vibe and atmosphere in the hotel that just makes you relax.
  • That they offer yoga every morning and evening.
  • Complimentary coffee with coconut or cashew milk all day. Yum!
  • That The Dreamcatcher focuses a lot on being eco- and environmentally friendly.
  • The mesmerizing decoration that left me with one of the best hotel experiences every.

Upon departure, I felt like quitting my obligations in Europe, and move in permanently at The Dreamcatcher. That is how amazing my experience at The Dreamcatcher was! If you are looking for a different, amazing and hipster experience in Puerto Rico, a stay at The Dreamcatcher is definitely something for you!



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